Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule my session?

We try to schedule sessions at least 3 weeks in advance. 

The best light for outdoor sessions is about 2 hours prior to sunset.  However we do understand that this may be too late for small children so we will consult with you to determine the best time of day for your session.  

For maternity sessions, we recommend booking your session for when you are between 30-36 weeks pregnant. 

For newborn sessions, we request that you book your session prior to giving birth.  Once you give birth, we will discuss the best time to schedule your actual session - typically when your newborn is 10-14 days old. 

For high school senior sessions, please schedule your session a minimum of 6 week prior to needing your images for yearbooks, graduation cards or announcements. 

What should I wear?

Choose clothes that you are both comfortable and feel fabulous in.  For families we recommend picking a color palette with a few complementing colors and choose clothes within your palette.  If you are planning on hanging your photos on your walls you may want to take the colors in your house into consideration when picking your color palette. 

What should I bring to my session?

Bring a change of clothes or two.  While there may not be time or need for a second outfit, it is always nice to have the option to change.  For family sessions, a change of clothes for the children is always wise in case their clothes get messy.  For engagement/couples sessions and high school seniors we always try to make sure there is time to for a change so that you have a greater variety of images.

Bring a few snacks and water. Avoid messy snacks such as chocolate and sticky candies.  Crackers or other similar non-messy snacks are great options.  

For family sessions a special toy or item can always help children feel more comfortable during your session.  Also bring any special items that you might like to include in your images.  

For maternity sessions, bring any special items that you have for your baby.  Baby shoes, books, blankets, clothes , ultrasound images or items with your baby's name on them are great options.  

For high school senior sessions, please bring any special items from your high school years - instruments, letter jackets, items from special occasions, sport uniforms, awards for special activities are some great options.  

What should I not bring to my session?

Please do not bring people who are not part of your session.  If you have someone extra that you wish to come with for some reason, please discuss it with us prior to the session.  Additionally, please do not come with pets, unless we have discussed them being part of your session.  

While you are welcome to bring your phone to your session, we will ask that you put it away for the duration of the session.  Also cameras and other recording devices are not allowed.

Please do not bring messy snacks or drinks that could stain clothing.  

What should I expect during my session?

We will spend a few minutes getting to know you and deciding on how to best utilize our chosen location.  We love having fun and while we will try to get plenty of posed images, we will also capture plenty of candid photos as well.  We encourage jokes, whispers, kisses, hugs and lots of laughter.  

For newborn sessions we focus on natural poses and lifestyle images.  

What should I expect after my session?

Your images will be ready 10-14 days after your session.  Once they are ready we will upload them to an online gallery and send you an email with the link and instructions for how to download and use your images.  If you need any help deciding the best way to print your images, we are always happy to help.