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Victoria & Daniel Marine 1Victoria & Daniel Marine 1www.thealbumcafe.com

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The Gary Clark Family Session https://sweetnwildphotography.com/blog/2014/9/the-gary-clark-family-session Since I've photographed all of their girls, it seemed only right to get my brother's whole family together and get some family photos.  We had so much fun at the Village Commons, in Cashiers, NC.  The best part was that we not only got some great family photos but Willie was also able to get some great pictures of my brother Gary and his wife Cathy.  I think couple photos are just as important as family photos but so often forgotten!

Gary Clark Family 1Gary Clark Family 1www.thealbumcafe.com

Gary Clark Family 2Gary Clark Family 2www.thealbumcafe.com

Gary Clark Family 4Gary Clark Family 4www.thealbumcafe.com

Gary Clark Family 3Gary Clark Family 3www.thealbumcafe.com

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The Cothran Family https://sweetnwildphotography.com/blog/2014/9/the-cothran-family The Cothrans have been family friends for a long time and it was so much fun having them be our very first Family Session since our move.  We were just glad we were able to find time before Madison and Brendan headed back to collage. 

Cothran Family 1Cothran Family 1www.thealbumcafe.com

Cothran Family 2Cothran Family 2www.thealbumcafe.com

Cothran Family 3Cothran Family 3www.thealbumcafe.com

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Rebecca: Individual Session https://sweetnwildphotography.com/blog/2014/9/rebecca-individual-session How did I get such gorgeous nieces?  They are all such fun to photograph and I must say the camera loves Becca.  She requested a little session with a pretty dress she got for a collage dance.  Who can resist pretty girls in pretty dresses.  I photographed her sister Amanda the same evening and we had so much fun hanging out.  I'm so glad I get to be an aunt to these cool girls. 

Becca 1Becca 1www.thealbumcafe.com

We decided we needed to get some photos without the dress first and headed to the little boardwalk at the Highlands Nature Centre.  Becca never runs out of fun poses and awesome expressions!

Becca 2Becca 2www.thealbumcafe.com Then it was time to dress up.  I can't believe how grown up and mature Becca has become.  Keep up the hard work at collage!

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Amanda: Individual Session https://sweetnwildphotography.com/blog/2014/9/amanda I love photographing this girl.  I might be a bit biased since she is my niece!  I had the opportunity to photograph her last year and I was amazing at how comfortable and natural she was in front of the camera - at just 14.  Well one year later and at 15 she is even more fun to photograph.  And getting more gorgeous by the day.  I can't even imagine what she'll be like to photograph when she is 18! Enjoy!

Amanda 1Amanda 1www.thealbumcafe.com

I did a double session with Amanda and her sister Becca.  We started off at the little boardwalk at the Highlands Nature Centre and it was so cool I had to get some pictures of Amanda there even though we had planned on using Main St. for her pictures.

Amanda 2Amanda 2www.thealbumcafe.com After the Nature Centre we headed to Main St to catch the beautiful evening light and take advantage of the cute spots around town.

Amanda 3Amanda 3www.thealbumcafe.com The setting sun finally put an end to our fun session.

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Benji Gets In Front of the Camera https://sweetnwildphotography.com/blog/2014/9/benji-get-in-front-of-the-camera Thankfully, Benji doesn't have too bad of a case of photographer child's syndrome and does let me take pictures of him on occasion.  On this particular occasion he found a outfit I've been saving until he is a bit bigger and really wanted to try it on.  He looked to cute I just had to do a little session with him in our neighbors field. 

Benji 1Benji 1www.thealbumcafe.com Benji 2Benji 2www.thealbumcafe.com Benji 3Benji 3www.thealbumcafe.com

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Hannah & Jeremy's Engagement Session https://sweetnwildphotography.com/blog/2014/9/hannah-jeremys-engagement-session We are so excited to be photographing our first wedding in the USA in November.  Hannah and I work together at my little night job (making fudge for our wonderful local ice cream, chocolate and fudge shop - Kilwins).  In between customers Hannah boxes chocolates and I paddle fudge and we talk wedding, wedding, wedding.  

Willie spent some time with Hannah and Jeremy and captured some really cute photos showcasing their fun and playful relationship.  We are certainly looking forward to getting them back in front of our cameras in November!  Enjoy!

Hannah & Jeremy 1Hannah & Jeremy 1www.thealbumcafe.com

Willie met up with Hannah & Jeremy at the Highlands Nature Center with its beautiful green backgrounds.

Hannah & Jeremy 2Hannah & Jeremy 2www.thealbumcafe.com And they finished the evening off at Sunset Rock overlooking Highlands town.

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Mama | LaNita's Session https://sweetnwildphotography.com/blog/2014/9/mama-lanitas-session I can't think of any greater privilege that photographing my Mama.  Her faith and love of God and tremendous fight against cancer are an inspiration.  Of course we had to incorporate her long time love of tea into her session, as well as her amazing love of God. Enjoy!

Mama 1Mama 1www.thealbumcafe.com

Mama 3Mama 3www.thealbumcafe.com

Mama 2Mama 2www.thealbumcafe.com

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Victoria & Daniel: Couple Session https://sweetnwildphotography.com/blog/2014/9/victoria-daniel Uprooting a family and a business and moving 8,000 miles across the globe is ever easy.  Moving closer to family makes it a little easier.  Victoria is my oldest niece and she is starting to make me feel old!  Our very first session after moving from Nairobi, Kenya to North Carolina was with Victoria and her handsome boyfriend Daniel. 

Photographing couples in love is one of our favorite things to do and when the couple is as adorable as this one, well it just makes our job even more fun. 

We did this session before Daniel left for Marine boot camp, so that Victoria would have something to help her get through the 12 long weeks of separation.  Enjoy!

Victoria & Daniel 1Victoria & Daniel 1www.thealbumcafe.com

We started off the session at an antique store/lumberyard just outside of Highlands. 

Victoria & Daniel 4Victoria & Daniel 4www.thealbumcafe.com

Then we went to a few of their favorite hangout places.

Victoria & Daniel 2Victoria & Daniel 2www.thealbumcafe.com

Of course the soon to be Marine wanted to incorporate his gun into the session and

Victoria loves her guitar so we thought they would make a great contrast. 

Victoria & Daniel 3Victoria & Daniel 3www.thealbumcafe.com

We finished up at Kilwins, where Willie bought us all Hot Chocolate to get us warm again after a much chillier than anticipated evening. 

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